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concrete driveways perth

Walker Civil Construction is a full-service design/build company experienced in all aspects of concreting, including designing and laying concrete driveways for clients in Perth. We have an excellent reputation among residential clients and pride ourselves on making the process of enhancing our clients’ properties easy and enjoyable for them. When we carry out concreting work on your property you’ll enjoy our trademark honesty and integrity, clear communication, attention to detail and superior craftsmanship.

Add Kerb Appeal to Your Home

Investing in a concrete driveway for your Perth property offers a myriad of benefits, including adding kerb appeal, a consideration that hasn’t been lost on homeowners who rightly recognise the importance of improving the aesthetic appeal of their homes. This is one of many reasons why concrete driveways have long been seen as essential additions to most house styles, especially modern homes as they make for such an eye-catching addition, especially when the concrete is coloured or polished.
concrete driveways perth western australiaWhat’s more, the addition of an attractive coloured or polished concrete driveway also adds financial value to your home in addition to making it more aesthetically appealing, which is yet another outstanding benefit that having a concrete driveway laid delivers. Get in touch with Walker Civil Construction to find out more about our concrete driveway services. We’re sure you’ll be very impressed with our concrete driveways and the coloured and polished concreting options that we can provide you with.

Durability, Functionality and Resilience

Perth concrete drivewaysWhilst it’s obviously very important to take pride in the appearance of your property, it’s also important to remember that driveways are functional additions to our homes. Concrete is one of the most durable, functional and resilient construction materials available, which is why most bridges and major items of infrastructure are made of concrete. With a concrete driveway, you won’t have to worry about potholes like you would with asphalt, nor need you worry about the ongoing and expensive maintenance requirements if you opted for a gravel driveway for your home. As a result, having a concrete driveway designed and laid at your Perth home is an investment in durability, functionality and resilience, an investment that delivers many fantastic benefits for homeowners. Unlike pavers concrete does not suffer from weeds or ant hills. You don’t have to worry about your pavers becoming uneven and causing a trip hazard instead you can rely on a consistantly even and solid surface .

Easy Maintenance

Another notable benefit associated with having a concrete driveway laid at your Perth property is ease of maintenance. This is an important consideration for all homeowners who enjoy residing in an attractive and well-maintained home, and not only those who lead busy lives and lack the time to constantly maintain their residential properties. Concrete is extremely easy to maintain unlike other driveway surfacing options. Pavers, are expensive and difficult to clean. Asphalt requires regular maintenance in most climates so isn’t a great option here in, hot dry Western Australia. Most stains can be quickly removed from concrete with warm water and detergent, and even grease or oil stains can be easily removed with a concentrated detergent or granules. Polymer sealed driveways are also acid resistant and stain resistant. If you’re looking for an easy-to-maintain driveway surface for your residential property, one that’s also aesthetically appealing, you won’t find anything that matches concrete.

Concrete Driveways Are Cost-Effective

walker civil concrete driveways perth waAnother fantastic benefit that has long been associated with concrete driveways is their cost-effective nature, quite unlike other popular driveway surfacing options like gravel which requires ongoing maintenance, and pavers, which represent a significant financial outlay.
Walker Civil Construction is happy to provide Perth homeowners with a quotation for our concrete driveway services and we’re sure you’ll find our prices are very reasonable, our customer service impeccable, and the advice we offer second to none. Get in touch with the team today on 0419 554 363 to discuss your concreting requirements.

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