Precast Concrete Perth


Precast Concrete

From concept to design and installation you can expect high quality Precast Concrete. Walker Civil Construction specializes in Footings and Foundations, Sleepers and Pedestals. Typical installations include Gas Plants, Fuel Farms and Power Stations to mention a few.



Concrete Sleepers

Applications …

Sleepers can be utilized in a number of ways and in a variety of areas such as:

  • Piping support
  • Electrical hardstand
  • Cyclone tie down
  • Plant or site infrastructure


Foundations and Footings

Client advantages:

  • Simply prep the substrate and land your precast module.
  • No cure time as precast is ready for structure.
  • Advance on schedule. Save days or even weeks.
  • Reduce client interface by Pre-casting Sleepers, Footings and Foundations.

Quality Assurance

All documentation for your QA requirements are made readily available

  • Quarry reports
  • Pre-pour cards
  • Cylinder testing
  • Slump tests
  • Mix design
  • Historical Data
  • Mill certificates
  • Steel reinforcement schedules


Drafting and Engineering Services

This is now available and more information will be published very soon.


From concept drawings to AFC and through to completion.


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